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    Personal accident cover in Perth

    Personal Accident and Illness

    In large businesses with many staff, an injury to an employee is generally easy to work around. With such a large team at hand, you can usually find someone to cover the injured staff member’s work, ensuring that the company continues working efficiently. If you’re a sole trader though, it’s a completely different story. 

    Personal accident as a sole trader

    If you’re a sole trader looking for personal accident and illness insurance in Perth or Western Australia, we have just the policy for you! While you may be unable to obtain workers compensation or income protection insurance, our experienced insurance brokers will ensure that you and your income are still protected, with Personal Accident and Illness insurance cover.  

    These policies are designed to protect your income around the clock, anywhere in the world, should you be unable to work due to an injury sustained or an illness.  Our Personal Accident and Illness policies are also available with capital benefits, providing a lump sum payment immediately following a physical loss as detailed in the policy. These policies enable you to select a benefit period of two to five years and a waiting period of seven to thirty days. For more information on how this cover can assist you, call or email us today!

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