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Westralian Insurance gains strength of Steadfast

In 1996, 43 privately owned insurance brokerages joined forces, united in the belief that quality advice and service were paramount in the insurance industry.  With that Steadfast was born, an Australian owned and operated enterprise.  Today, Steadfast are the largest general insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand, comprising over 340 brokerages including Westralian Insurance, with over 1000 offices across metropolitan and regional areas.

Steadfast are an ASX 200 listed company, a market leader in the industry and an innovator in insurance broking.  True to their original charter, Steadfast exists to drive an insurance broker network that provides unique professional services and advice to its clients.  Steadfast generated over A$6.1 billion in sales in 2014-15 and the network looks after over 2 million policies for Australian and New Zealand businesses.

How Steadfast's strength benefits you as a customer

Customised policies not publicly available

Anyone can sell you off-the-shelf insurance but Steadfast brokers have access to customised policies developed by Steadfast directly with the insurers, written exclusively for the network.  Steadfast brokers are able to offer policies with greater coverage than a standard product, at market competitive pricing.

Real time market comparisons

Steadfast has developed innovative technology which allows our brokers to quickly and thoroughly assess insurance products on offer.  Virtual Underwriter for example, allows comprehensive comparisons on coverage, benefits, limitations and price of policies available from a range of insurers.

Championing your claims

If you make a claim and there happens to be an issue, your Steadfast broker can call on the power of the Steadfast to escalate the matter.  Through solid relationships with its insurers, Steadfast has a depth of contact with the right decision-makers to get your voice heard and will champion well-evidenced claims on your behalf in an effort to achieve positive claims outcomes.

Choice of policies from over 150 insurers

We are the biggest network of insurance brokers in Australia and New Zealand and have partnerships with over 150 insurance providers locally and internationally. Which means we can find what’s right for you: from general business insurance cover to the most niche products.

Professional, qualified brokers

Steadfast brokers access a range of tools and services developed by Steadfast for our broker network. Broking tools, education resources and technical assistance help keep the professional credentials of our brokers current.  They also ensure we’re perfectly placed to give clients relevant and informed advice.

Steadfast brokers combine this unique offering with their own, localised industry experience to give their clients expert advice and guidance. The result isn't just insurance for business – it's assurance going forward

Information courtesy of www.steadfast.com.au

The importance of Business Interruption insurance

Business Interruption insurance is a must have for many types of businesses.  It covers loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster, such as a fire. This could mean that a business can continue to pay staff and operating costs, until it's back up and running...and it could mean the difference between staying afloat or having to shut its doors. 

Vero Insurance have put together a compelling new video on the importance of Business Interruption insurance.  This is a real business in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria.

For more information on Business Interruption insurance for your business, or a free quote, please contact our knowledgeable, local and friendly staff on        08 9302 1388 .

Video courtesy of Vero Insurance

IMG_1897 Acompli

Staff build on their knowledge of Compliance  

The staff at Westralian Insurance understand the importance of ongoing training and development and this includes keeping up-to-date with the latest in Compliance.

Joe Malpas, from Acompli (our Compliance consultants), recently held a training session for all staff.  He covered the basics of Breaches and Dispute Resolution, before answering a number of scenarios and questions put to him by our staff.  

These queries ranged from remarketing policies to clients who were hard to get a hold of, to the security of clients' data.  He reviewed when to provide a Statement of Advice to clients, and reiterated the importance of maintaining an up-to-date Training Register, something all Westralian Insurance staff pride themselves on doing.

All staff found the Compliance training session useful and gained a better understanding of the role of Compliance in the workplace.

Following the training session, the staff enjoyed a boardroom lunch together, to celebrate some recent successes, as well as formally welcome some new staff to the team. 

Information courtesy of knowrisk.com.au

Why do you need Cyber Insurance?  

With over seventy per cent of businesses experiencing a cyber attack in the last twelve months, Cyber Insurance is now more important than ever.  Most businesses today rely heavily on computers and technology to run their business - how would your business function if you epxerienced a cyber attack?  Check out this video to discover why Cyber Insurance could be necessary for you.

For more information on this specialised cover, call Westralian Insurance today and speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff - call 9302 1388.

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Information courtesy of Know Risk

Making an insurance claim

Know Risk have recently published a great article here , featuring some additional tips in case you need to make an insurance claim.  These tips include -

  • Calling emergency services if required
  • Taking note of important details
  • Notifying your insurance broker in the event of a claim
  • Reading your PDS
  • Collecting any necessary evidence or documents
  • Submitting your claim as soon as possible
  • Being honest
  • Being smart and
  • Asking questions

    As always, the friendly team at Westralian Insurance are always here to assist you with your claim lodgement, as well as answer any questions you may have. All staff are well trained and strive to take the stress out of any claim you may have. 

    Call us today on 9302 1388!

    For more information or for a free quote, 
    call our team today on  08 9302 1388

    For more information or for a free quote, call our team today on 

    For more information or for a free quote, call our team today on  08 9302 1388

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