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    When it comes to protecting and insuring a business, people often think about the property, the vehicle fleets and the machinery required to make the business operate. However, one of the most important and essential ways to protect your business is with Workers Compensation insurance. In fact, it’s so important that it’s compulsory for all employers in Western Australia. 

    Why do I need Workers Compensation insurance?

    For any businesses employing staff, termed under the legislation as a 'worker', you must have a current Workers Compensation policy in force. Sole Traders and Partnerships are unable to arrange Workers Compensation Insurance. However, should you engage any employees, subcontractors and/or contractors you must cover them for Workers Compensation.

    You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV: a man falls from his ladder whilst working on some electrical wiring, or a woman trips over some packaging straps that have been left on the floor. No matter what kind of business you run, one of your employees could injure themselves at some time or another.   

    Our policies cover both employers and employees from financial costs when a worker sustains a work-related injury or disease. As per WorkCover law, it is a legal obligation for all workers to be covered by workers compensation. Failure to obtain Workers Compensation cover will result in large fines and penalties for you and your business. Call today and ensure your employees and business are protected for the future.

    Westralian Insurance will assist in determining cover, explaining the requirements of insuring sub-contractors, working directors and family members as well as assisting with injury management and return-to-work programs.

    Finally, in case you asked –

    "How can I get a FAST Certificate of Currency?"

    Westralian Insurance can email, post or fax you a Certificate of Currency with payment of the insurance premium. This can often be done on the day of your request.

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